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QUESADILLAS with Turkey Bacon

1 Quesadilla per person

Cook 1/2 TURKEY BACON per Tortilla

Drain MILD GREEN CHILI. 1 TBSP per Tortilla.

At 7:45 AM, warm the Griddle to 250.

Put Tortillas on Griddle with 1/2 cup MEXICAN CHEESE, just warm-up and move to a tray.

Fry 2 EGGS per Tortilla, with a little BUTTER, break yolk, sprinkle with BLACK PEPPER. Don’t overcook.

On one half of a tortilla, spread 2 Eggs.

On the other half, spread 1 TBSP MILD GREEN CHILI, add 1/2 Turkey Bacon, sprinkle Cheese.

Fold and keep them on a tray.

At 8:15 put the quesadillas on Griddle and cook both sides for 7 minutes each at 250.

Put SALSA in salsa bowls, 1 bowl per 3 guests.

Put 1/4 cup SOUR CREAM in small bowls. 1 bowl per 3 guests

Take Salsa and Sour Cream out to tables.

Slice Quesadillas, mix colors, and serve.